CIC Summer Expo

Adappt at the CIC Summer Expo

On June 28th, our wonderful home, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) hosted its second Community Expo to help participating companies learn more about each other and spread the word about their own products and current projects. As an intern, this was a great experience to immerse me in the startup world, even if it was just a taste. Companies ranged from artisans of handmade African fashion items and voice coaches for professional speaking to an app optimizing employment opportunities for refugees and expedited dental insurance payments for companies. Interacting with such a variety of startups under one roof in one city was quite an experience.

The day of the event, Adam, Graham and I explored the variety of companies that surround us every day, most of which I had not seen before, even if the company representative was a familiar face.

At 4:30 pm, half of the companies pitched to the room, mainly for the purpose of explaining what they are currently working on, rather than to “sell” their business. Regardless, either approach was welcomed. Following this, I returned to our booth to help Adam prepare for his pitch and speak with many people interested in Adappt that approached our booth. My most memorable conversation, albeit a far stretch off from the current market of Adappt, was with a man in the residential sector who had the unique idea of using sensor software and data on space utilization to indicate to elderly people when it is time to downsize, based on decreased room utilization. Funnily enough, two weeks later we discovered a different company that focuses on assisted living and fall detection. At 5:10pm, Adam went up and explained, as well as can be done in one minute, what it is Adappt does and specifically what we are doing at our CIC home. The remainder of the expo was spent eating, drinking and socializing with various members of the CIC community.

Adappt at CIC Community Summer Expo

All in all, I found it to be a great experience. What struck me most was the relaxed atmosphere of the community in which Adappt lives and the startup community at large. It was fascinating to see the joint ability of initiative required to create and run a small company but yet also the ability to speak about it in such a relaxed and friendly tone. Even though I won’t be able to attend the next CIC expo, which will likely be no earlier than this autumn, I definitely hope to remain connected to the startup community at CIC and believe Adappt should be a regular attendee or exhibitor at these events.

-Dan North, Business Development Intern

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