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Tips for Effective Change Management with Workplace IoT
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Open office
Evaluating the Open Office

The idea of the “open office” originated in the 1950’s, when prominent architects began to associate dividing walls and confined rooms with commercial oppression. By removing the imposed divisions popular with office spaces at the time, designers were in their view, freeing office dwellers and cutting costs. Today, the “open office” seems to have lost […]

smart office
Smart Buildings Need to Have the Intelligence to Adappt

What would you say is the most important aspect of a smart building or of a company working in a Smart Building? Desk booking systems and conference room booking software? Maybe occupancy analytics? Or connected lighting? HVAC control? According to a white paper by Navitas Capital, a venture capital firm focused on technology in real […]

Adappt Privacy

Privacy Yields Trust. Apologies to any Michael Jackson fans out there if that was misleading. Policymakers have a tough time keeping up with engineers. New technology constantly prompts changes to old, widely accepted laws. In 1920, no one could have imagined a speed limit of 65 miles per hour, both due to lack of high-speed […]

Adappt in sink with Coworking
Coworking, Hoteling, Flexwork, Oh My!

Open offices get a bad rap, and there are so many new terms being thrown around to describe the new ways of working with the advent of the Digital Age. Coworking? Free-address? Activity-based? What does it all mean? Adappt’s solutions grew out of the needs of these various dynamic work environments so we’re here to […]

Adappt encourages Coworking
Taming the Coworking Beast

People are working differently than they were ten years ago. Differently than one year ago. Differently than two weeks ago. There’s a new beast in office spaces. That beast is the creation of traditional coworking, defined in Harvard Business Review as “membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work […]

Adappt meeting room solutions
7 Tips For Successful Meetings

Create a simple agenda and share it A meeting is most productive when it has a clear, defined agenda. Laying out the contents of a meeting beforehand helps avoid straying off-topic, and may even make you realize that the topic is better-suited for a simple phone call or email. Share the agenda with attendees beforehand, […]