CoreNet Global Summit, 2018 - The Headshot Hub and More

CoreNet Global Summit, 2018 – The Headshot Hub and More

This October was conference season for the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry, and for our team at Adappt USA, we ended on a definite high at CoreNet Global 2018 in Boston. After presenting at the IFMA World Workplace in Charlotte, and ULI’s Fall Meeting in Boston, our team was charged and ready to exhibit at CoreNet.

Prior to the show, I had heard many good things about CoreNet’s North America summit from various people in the industry, but it exceeded all expectations. My experience with trade shows and conferences was already very positive but one aspect of CoreNet made it a step above. CoreNet, more than a summit was the coming together of a tightly knit community. Many attendees who I met were active participants in their local CoreNet chapters and regular attendees at the North American summit. Rather than a group of people coming together to either seek out or sell new products, CoreNet was a group of people who were coming together to build genuine relationships and discuss ideas.

At previous shows I had been to, I also noticed that the attendees tended to be regional for the most part. At CoreNet however, not only were the attendees from opposite coasts but also from around the world. I had the opportunity to engage with real estate professionals from places as far as Brazil, Germany, and even the Philippines. This allowed me to gain exposure to a spectrum of perspectives, and learn about certain nuances of different markets.

For the Adappt team, it was also a unique experience in that we decided to sponsor the event’s Headshot Hub rather than get a typical 10×10 booth space. With the help of our co-sponsors, CrowdComfort, we had the opportunity to not only inform people about our product and discuss ideas about CRE but we also gained satisfaction from offering people a service (headshots) which further augmented their overall CoreNet experience.

To all our new friends and acquaintances which we made at CoreNet, the Adappt team looks forward to seeing you again next year!

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