Adappt Commissioning Process

What to Expect During an Adappt Installation

During an Adappt install, there are a lot of moving pieces. Data security, employee privacy, and system accuracy are all crucial components which need to be taken into consideration. The Adappt team works with customers to ensure that these are all managed effectively and those sensors are installed correctly and efficiently.

Taking data security into account, Adappt’s system is designed to maximize security. Our sensors Securely send data via AES 128 bit encryption to our in-house developed Adappt Host over our Bluetooth mesh network (FCC, MIC, and SIG certified). The host uses either the client’s local wifi network, ethernet connection,  or the cellular data network to send the data to the cloud using an MQTT protocol where it is stored securely on AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers. Our hosts are armed with X.509 certificates which ensure that only authorized Adappt Hosts are connected to our cloud platform. Access to any data in the cloud is then protected through token based authentication generated using RSA. Prior to installation, our team coordinates with customer IT representatives to communicate these measures, and to decide on whether to use their local broadband or an independent cellular network.

Given rising concerns about personal and employee privacy around the world, our team works diligently with customers to help their employees feel comfortable with our sensors and understand how our technology improves workplaces for employees. Our system is designed to be anonymous, and sensors do not collect any personal data on individual employees so there really isn’t anything to worry about. However, given the newness of IoT in the workplace, effective change management is crucial and Adappt works with customers to address this.

A big part of this is a clear communication strategy in which we draft customized documents and signage that explains the important aspects of our occupancy system. Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) documents include information on what information is being collected, what it is being used for, and who has access to the information. Educating employees on the Adappt system and informing them that the system is being used for workplace/ real estate efficiency (not monitoring!) is crucial for effective onboarding.

Sensors must be installed and commissioned properly to ensure system accuracy. Our team conducts a site survey to determine the availability of outlets, type of desks, and other crucial details to ensure a smooth installation. Sensors are tested right after manufacturing, and also right before deployment in order to ensure a seamless process.

Given the complexity of the Internet of Things systems, we conduct our installations with the utmost diligence and precision to ensure a smooth process.

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