Will Adappt's system be connected to our company network?

No, Adappt's sensors communicate with each other via a bluetooth mesh and send information to our gateway via this bluetooth mesh. The gateway in turn uses an independent cellular network to send sensor data to the cloud. This allows the Adappt solution to be isolated from the customer production network. However, upon customer request, Adappt can integrate with elements of the customer software architecture as required.

Is the online portal public?

No, this online portal is not public. You will have a private login and shared hosting on our server. If you prefer your data not be sent online, we can also deploy a server within your premise.


Would we be required to make any physical/structural adjustments hammering nail into desk to our desks in order to install Adappt sensors?

No, there are no adjustments that need to be made to existing furniture. Adappt's sensors are attached underneath desks and are so small (can fit in the palm of your hand) that they can operate without creating any physical interference. Additionally, installation is made easy with the use of high quality, durable adhesive strips which can reliably attach sensors to all surfaces.

Sensor Hardware

What kind of maintenance would the sensors require over the time that you have proposed in the contract?

Our sensors typically require little maintenance over their lifetime. Sensor health is constantly checked and updated in our Network Operating Centre (NOC) so that customers are made aware of any sensors that may go offline. Offline sensors are replaced through a trouble ticket system.

Analytics Platform

Will the platform only show analytics at the end of a set time period?

No, Adappt's system allows the user to view metrics and analytics in real time. We also have the ability to pull up any data from a specific date and time in the past.

Can you tell us more about the meeting room occupancy functionality?

We install our people counting sensors to display room availability and also room occupancy. By measuring room occupancy, our system can show organizations how well their meeting rooms are sized and whether they are being fully utilized.


What do we do if a sensor goes offline?

As soon as a sensor has gone offline, an alert will be sent to the Network Operating Centre (NOC) and our technicians will be notified.