Smarter workspaces are Data-driven workspaces

Adappt leverages cloud applications, AI and sensors to drive effective space utilization, energy efficiency and employee productivity.

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Making Workspaces Work Smarter

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What We Solve

The smart workspace challenge

Lack of data in planning & managing spaces is leading to space inefficiency, employee inconvenience & discomfort and wastage of energy.

Adappt offers comprehensive, agile and AI driven solutions to help companies make informed decisions & solve these problems.

Adappt’s smart workspace management solutions

Workspace Management

Workspace Management

A platform to plan, allocate, book and control access to spaces.
Comfortably accommodated 37% more employees in the same physical footprint.

Saved $240,00 on real estate costs in the first year by maximizing space efficiency without compromising employee comfort.

Occupancy Management

Occupancy Management

Sensors & analytics to help optimise your space.
Shut down an entire floor in a 4 floor building, saving of almost 25% on real estate costs.


Saved $4,80,000 annually, i.e 20% of their real estate budget helping them optimise their space.

Optimisation Engine

Building Optimisation Engine

AI-based insights to reduce energy costs, and increase comfort.
Achieved reduction in 20% energy costs by giving intelligent insights to facility managers.

Trane Technologies

Saved 20% in energy cost and increased employee comfort and productivity by reducing co2.

Adappt Help

Sustainable & Efficient Workspace
= Sustainable Future

Adappt is also on a mission to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to their goal of becoming carbon neutral.

We help you reduce energy consumption by utilizing our deep-tech solutions.

Save 25% or more on real-estate cost
Increase employee productivity
Save 20% or more on energy bills
Reduce your carbon foot-print

Actionable data analytics and insights to make pivotal decisions

Data Analytics
Secure Technology

Adappt is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant

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Secure Technology

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