Case Studies

Tata Memorial Hospital

How a pilot at Tata Memorial Hospital proved the accuracy and efficiency of Adappt’s solution to detect fever

Case Study Tata Hospital


How Barclays used Adappt to shut down an under-utilised floor.


CBRE Group, Inc.

How CBRE Used Adappt to Accommodate a Workforce Increase of 37% Without Expanding their Physical Footprint


Credit Suisse Group

How Credit Suisse saved 20% on their lighting load with automated lighting
control based on occupancy and daylight

Credit Suisse

Eli Lilly and Company

How Eli Lilly used Adappt’s solutions to abide by covid regulations and
ensure social distancing effortlessly

Eli Lilly


How Maersk used Adappt’s solutions to ensure social distancing effortlessly
in cafeterias with multiple entrances and exits



How TomTom converted oversized conference rooms into desks and achieved savings in real estate and energy costs without compromising on employee comfort


Trane Technologies

Value Proposition, Insights & Predictions

Trane Technologies

MCM (Midland credit Management)

Bites and Bytes: How Adappt cooked up the perfect cafeteria solution at MCM
Image: Image of MCM office


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