Lighting Control

Increase building efficiency and dramatically reduce energy costs by at least 20%. Centrally control, schedule, and manage lights across your space based on daylight and flow of people 

Reduce your electricity costs

In most offices, lighting accounts for 15-20% of the annual electricity bills. As energy costs rise, creating an energy efficient workplace is a top priority for most businesses

Adappt’s Lighting Control module helps you 

  • Automate lighting control based on flow of people and daylight
  • Centrally control and manage all lights
  • Make informed decisions based on detailed reports and analytics


Reduce energy bills

Save at least 20% costs with effective usage of lights

Monitor and control lights

Control lights remotely and based on the flow of people

Schedule Lights

Set automated lights schedule for a particular time and date

Granular energy use

Identify where you use and waste the most energy

Easy Integration

Can be connected to existing lighting drivers and system

Easy connectivity

No cables and easy to configure with wireless communication

Control lights based on occupancy and daylight

The ceiling environment sensor intelligently controls lights based on space occupancy  
  • Enable auto-dimming of lights based on daylight 
  • Schedule automated lights as per your office hours 
  • Soft and dynamic user specific zoning capabilities
  • Works with existing standard switches

Aries Sensor

  • Provides heatmap of occupancy of the space, is installed at the ceiling 
  • Ability to detect Occupancy and control LED lighting
  • Occupancy coverage area ~ 200 sq. ft
  • 98% accuracy


Room Lighting Control Tablet

Control lighting in the room through a tablet 

  • User can control lights by selecting various types of scenes for conference rooms
  • Users can choose between welcome, dim, discuss, and, presentation modes to ensure the perfect lighting for the occasion

Additional Lighting Control

  • Flexibility to control each light independently
  • Enable circadian rhythm lighting control 


Get instant insights and reports on your energy usage

  • View energy consumption and light usage details across different floors
  • Get a single view for individual lighting controls, dimming and scheduling for floors and rooms
  • Observe density of occupied spaces for a selected floor layout in a chosen building
  • Generate daily /weekly and monthly reports for lighting statistics
  • Get an overview of the full building statistics
  • View light usage patterns & hourly prediction Insights
  • Generate reports on energy consumption pattern and zone wise occupancy
  • Make efficient decisions with AI recommendations based on past usage patterns and future predictions
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