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Welcome your employees back to a safe and flexible workplace with Adappt’s covid-19 specific solution

return to office

Return with confidence, we got everything covered for you!

flexible working

Flexible Working

Assign & book employee desks, conference rooms, parking spaces, providing flexibility not only to the admin but also to employees   

Temperature Screening

Screen employees, visitors, and customers with Adappt’s contactless temperature screening with 98% accuracy, within 3 seconds 

temperature check
Touchless checkin

Touchless Check-in

Employees and visitors can easily check-in and check-out with the mobile app QR Code without having to touch a screen

Social Distancing Tool

Classify the space into different layouts such as fixed, flexi, and visitor booking and maintain a safe distance between seats. Ensure office safety with real-time alerts when set limits are crossed in meeting rooms, restrooms, and cafeterias

social distancing tool

Sanitization Alerts

Get alerts when a certain area is unoccupied, to schedule deep cleaning. Get sanitization reminders when space crosses a certain threshold of occupancy 

Contact Tracing

Trace infected employee’s past usage of desks, meeting rooms and other bookable spaces to alert high risk colleagues 

contact tracing
density control

Density Control

Limit the number of people who can use meeting rooms, restrooms and cafeterias 

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