Room Occupancy Management

Gain more than 95% accurate data on how your rooms are being used, and make insightful decisions to increase the utilization rate and save at least 30% of your real estate costs

Limit occupancy in meeting rooms

55% of the space in meeting rooms that seat more than 12 people is wasted, which can cost companies around $1.4 million per year (100 rooms)

Adappt’s Room Occupancy module helps you 

  • Gather information about room occupancy at your workplace
  • Manage your space efficiently
  • Make informed decisions based on detailed reports and analytics


Real estate savings

Maximize efficiency and about 30% on costs

overview of room usage

Understand how your rooms are being used

Real-time data

Get real-time occupancy data and turn it into action

Accurate room sizing

Analyze usage patterns to make right sized rooms and reduce wastage of space

Identify unproductive areas

Locate unused and under-utilized rooms and turn them into phone booths or desks

Secure & Independent

Secured data collected on cloud, independent of customer’s network

Monitor your space with 95% accuracy

The ceiling sensor intelligently identifies room occupancy
  • Monitor utilization rates of rooms across your entire real estate portfolio
  • Monitor real-time occupancy of each room
  • Identify ghost meetings or early meeting terminations
  • Identify if your rooms are being used optimally or is there a sizing mismatch

Monitor your open space occupancy

Post-COVID, flexible working patterns mean that workplaces are hubs for teamwork, collaboration and social interaction
Understand the utilization of open spaces and undefined areas, ensure that employee requirements are met and they have the spaces they require to be productive

Scorpio Sensor

Anonymous data capture
  • Installed on the ceiling in open spaces/rooms 
  • Ability to cover up to ~350 sq feet in an open area
  • Uses advanced vision sensing technology to accurately count the number of people in an area
  • Accuracy over 95%


Room Occupancy TV Display

Help employees easily locate vacant meeting room on the go


Get instant insights and reports on how your meeting rooms are used

  • View room utilization by time and average number of attendees 
  • Observe utilization patterns across all rooms
  • Compare rooms with the highest and lowest occupancy
  • Generate and monitor reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Observe granular data on room occupancy usage
  • Make efficient decisions with AI recommendations based on past usage patterns and future predictions
  • Get data-driven insights on how the rooms are being used
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